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Take a look at our Holiday Pet Pictures taken by Lars Lindblad


Pet Halloween Contest October 31, 2009

Thank you to all our furry friends



wlah_155_1.jpg                          wlah_157_1.jpg

"Kennedy" - The Nerd                                             "Ginger" - The Devil     


wlah_156_1.jpg               wlah_159_1.jpg

"Dee Dee" - The Orlando Magic Mascot                 "Lady" - The Reindeer



wlah_160_1.jpg               wlah_163_1.jpg 

"Rocco" - The Pirate                                               "Diablo" - The Devil 




wlah_164_1.jpg              wlah_166_1.jpg

"Moose" - The Cow                                               "Tai" - Raggedy Ann


wlah_168_1.jpg              wlah_170_1.jpg

"Louie" - The Devil                                                "Princess" - Tinkerbell


wlah_174_1.jpg              wlah_173_1.jpg 

"Buttercup" - The Doctor                                       "Peanut" - The Pumpkin



wlah_177_1.jpg             wlah_181_1.jpg

"Beau" - The Skunk                                                "Gus" - The Squirrel


wlah_184_1.jpg           wlah_185_1.jpg

"Jack" - The Sunflower                                        "Courage" - Courage The Lion



wlah_188_1.jpg                 wlah_189_1.jpg

"Hoover" - The Pumpkin                                           "Kirby" - The Lion




wlah_190_1.jpg                    wlah_194_1.jpg                

"Jill" - The Bumble Bee"                                              "Brewster" - Robin Hood


photo_2_1.jpg          wlah_230_1.jpg

"Clovis" - Ride'em Cowboy                                  "Harry" - The Wizard



wlah_212_1.jpg                  wlah_222_1.jpg

Dr.Lindblad, Tammy and "Kenndy" - The Nerd              "Peanut" - The Pumpkin


wlah_234_1.jpg                 wlah_197_1.jpg

"Buttercup" - The Doctor                                               Kevin - The Hot Dog




Maryann and "Beau" - The Skunk